Examples of some recent projects 

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Growth Mindset Problem Solving Workshop

Session 1:  The Superpower of YET!

Session 2: A carousel of logic puzzles.

Curious cubes, testing tubes, perilous penguins and more!

Session 3: Mental maths.  Who was the group with the best perseverance, communication and teamwork skills?

Microbit Health and Wellbeing Project

Code a Microbit to help people register how they are feeling.

Collect and analyse the data.

Penguin Bot!

Code a Microbit to shuffle through a huddle

and take the temperature as it goes.

Healthy Body and Healthy Brain = Happy You!

Even the youngest of learners understand what they

have to do to keep their bodies healthy. 

It is now time to learn what we can do to keep our brains healthy too!

Learning mindful strategies can build resilience and focus,

which in turn translates into happier and more optimistic learners

who are open to trying anything.

Specialist Music Support

Music Composition Workshops

Music video creation

(perfect for leavers' ceremonies)

Music Technology Workshops

Vocal and/or instrumental solo and ensemble coaching.

We can even code fruit to play music!


Get in touch to discuss your individual needs.